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SharePoint Annoyances

celine handbags canada goose click here click here out site readme Whilst SharePoint is one of Microsoft’s fastest growing products, it’s also one of the most frustrating to develop for. Recently I’ve been been doing some WSS and MOSS site customisations with SharePoint Designer and custom Web Controls. To me this is the type of development that most people will be doing. Most ISVs are doing back end work, further from the realm of the consultant or business developer. Microsoft seems to cater more to the latter group.

canada goose celine handbags canada goose celine handbags Some of my gripes

I’m pretty sure these issues are easy to fix, but Microsoft and other SharePoint developers recommend that development is done with the ISV-oriented tools. This is very inconvenient since the product is sold as a rapid development platform and packaging/deployment requires quite a bit of extra effort to get right. Hopefully the SharePoint experience will improve for front end developers in the next release see here.

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