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Bespoke Development

Source Foundry can develop Web applications and software to empower the way you do business. Not only are we familiar with the latest technology, but we understand how to employ it for maximum benefit to your organisation.

Web Applications
We can develop Web Sites and Applications from scratch, as well as perform upgrades to existing sites. Our current focus is on ASP.NET development, but we have a strong background in classic ASP development.

Software Development

Source Foundry can develop both desktop and server software using tools such as C++ and Microsoft .NET. Using Web Services we can provide the ease of server-based development with the richness of smart clients.

Web Analytics

Developing effective Web Analytics is the best way to analyse the return on investment of your Web projects. We can build custom reports, or perform logfile analysis so that you get the reports you want.

Web Site & Code Reviews

By employing our experience you can vastly improve the reliability and performance of your investments. We can also provide a second opinion before you build a solution, so that you are certain that a poor design will not cause your project to fail.


“Cauponis” is a modern e-commerce framework for Web developers using Microsoft .NET technology. It provides a basis for customization beyond the level provided by the “online store generators” used by many SMEs, allowing them to extend their Web site to the needs of their brand.

The application comprises a customer facing ASP.NET application which can be modified to fit with an existing site. Users can browse and purchase products through this site. Administrators are able to access a back end site which allows them to administer products, FAQs orders etc.

The application is being developed under the Microsoft Empower for ISV program.

Our core capabilities are:

  • Web development with Microsoft .NET technologies – ASP.NET, C# and advanced XML Web Services.
  • XML Technologies – XSLT, XPath and SOAP.
  • Relational database design.
  • C++ development on the Microsoft Windows platform.
  • Code reviews of existing applications or Web sites.
  • Development of traffic reports (Web analytics) to determine ROI.
  • Modification of existing Web sites to improve ROI based on current traffic.